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WORLD ART ROADSHOW helps artists to show world's beauty for the people who want to see. We are that voice, which reveals the larger picture that surrounds us and reminds us that we are all connected to one another.

WORLD ART ROADSHOW chooses independent leaders in art. Those, who's purpose is to make us speed up and work faster and at the same time notice the beauty that is already around us. This kind of art allow us to step outside of ourselves and to experience the world from a new perspective.

WORLD ART ROADSHOW reminds us that there are still things out there, that cannot be easily counted or neatly packaged inside a cardboard box. Things like love, jealousy, beauty, and pain. Things, that still matter, even if you will not ever find them on an expense report.

We were founded in Moscow by The Council for the Development of Foreign Trade and International and Economic Relations — who cares about Foundation program — with the aim of providing a space to showcase the most exceptional modern and contemporary art of our time, to discover and to buy. We launched with 36 galleries in Moscow and will grow steadily over the following shows; to our Miami show in December 2019 we'll accept around 130 galleries and 20,000 attendees.

We provide an outstanding modern art. We have embraced an international and contemporary outlook with new galleries from around the world, expanding our offer. These now make up 85% of our exhibitors, and continue to grow. We nurture collecting at all levels from prints and editions to major works by internationally renowned artists. We provide platforms for nurturing talents too. We host artist to receive acclaim early in their career as well as established names.

We know that our audience seeks to get innovative and interactive ways to get acquainted with art, so we continue to develop our lectures, tours, screenings and curated spaces, which are included in four shows in 2019. Our tour about contemporary art - World Art Roadshow - has features as: large-scale installations, solo shows, group displays and also includes Public ART talk and curated section, intended to encourage and foster relationships on a global scale. We have also selected a regional museum partner to work with each year, which creates a unique exhibition and enables our visitors to experience the heritage, quality and significance of regional collections.

Marina Shmatova
Moscow, Russia
Eurasia Assembly
Shanghai, China
Professor at SIVA and DeTao Masters Academy

London, UK
Middle East Art Dealer
St Tropez, France
Art Dealer
Denver, USA
World Academy of Art
Martina Agbo
Benin, Nigeria
National Gallery of Art
Atim Annette Oton
New Jersey, USA
African Art Curator in World Academy of Art and Science
Kusum Bhandari
Karnataka, India
Visual Communications Consultant
San Francisco, USA
Transformational Evangelist

Quite steep pricing
Stephan Van Kuyk
Art Activist
Berlin, Germany
Interesting project for the world. I will join Miami part.
Art Expert of Contemporary Art
Hamburg Area, Germany
World Art Roadshow helps to meet important people in industry and to find buyers. I'm waiting for World Art Roadshow in New York City.
Boogie Gallery
New York, USA
Seeing something again is an important aspect of art. You don't ever see all at one time. You could see it indefinitely, and there would always be something you haven't seen, because art is a product of the intuitive—the most powerful instrument within us. The intuition is the most accurate sense we have. International art shows give a full-fledged impression combining the external and internal. This is the best experience for you if you love art.
Natalia Shvetsova
Art Dealer
Miami, United States of America
World Art Roadshow develops pass for independent art in the world.
For me, as a young sculptor, World Art Roadshow brings the opportunity to show my art on a big scene. During the show I'll find a lot of contacts and potential buyers.
Moscow, RU
Let's create new pass way for art together.
Eleonora Zaharzhevskaya
Art Visioner
Moscow, Russia
4-7 October

21-24 November
3-8 December

This year we accepted applications from more than
230 participants. We are always glad to discuss interesting projects. Book your place for the next part!